The MSI GX70 Destroyer Laptop


This 17 inch laptop packs a tremendous amount performance for a reasonable price. The GX70 will leave your opposition crying, but not your wallet.

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CandyBoard Remote Sized Keyboard

Beveled edges

When a mouse isnt enough and a full keyboard isnt an option, you need something more. The Candyboard packs a keyboard and mouse in a remote TV remote size


AMD’s A-10 7850 Kaveri APU

54125A_Kaveri_Chip_Angled Pair_ASeries_BE_BLKBGRD2

AMD gives us a glimpse of the future of computing, by combing an R7 GPU onto a Quad Core CPU, and mixing a little kick ass to hold it all together.




The R9 280X is just a rebranded HD 7970 GPU, or is it? Gigabyte brings a little more than a fresh coat of paint and a tune up, but the cost is steep.

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The Steelseries 5HV3 Gaming Headset


Gaming headsets, or headphones as they are commonly called, are one of those things that is always sort of the red headed stepchild of gear. Most opt for a cheap solution, buying something at the local dollar store, or pressing an old set of earbuds into duty. Then you have to consider how you are…

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Monster Inspiration Active Noise Cancellation Head Phones

Monster Headset

I was looking for a replacement set of Noise Cancellation headphones; about 4 months ago I was told to hold out for the new Monster Inspirations.

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ASUS ROG Orion Pro Gaming Headset Review

Orion Pro Headset

Mortarman steps up his audio experience leaping from basic sound to the Orion Pro Gaming headset. He has the time in on this and gives you the straight shot on how it may change your game.

Jan 16, 2013
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Plantronics GameCom Commander Headset


The Plantronics GameCom Commander headset gives PC gamers a great tool to cut noise and hear every bit of the audio. We put it through its paces and while WHAT it does is great, HOW it does in the long haul left us a little disappointed in headset at a premium price point.

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Diamond Multimedia GC1000 Game Capture Device Review


Offering the ability to record, capture and upload video, the GC1000 is an excellent addition to your multimedia and gaming hardware arsenal.




Looking for a tactical tomahawk to add to your military kit or apocalypse emergency gear? Look no further than the SOG Voodoo hawk modeled after the recent Medal of Honor Warfighter game.