Blue Falcon Award


Are you the hunter or the prey?

History of the “Blue Falcon”

In the course of US military service the acronym Bravo Foxtrot has been used in place of the words “Buddy F**ker” when referencing an individual or individuals who attract unwanted attention to themselves or the group resulting in unwanted or unwarranted disciplinary action. These individuals were known as “Bravo Foxtrots” which morphed later to “Blue Falcon” preserving the B and F but adding additional personality to the notation. Troops being the creative individuals they are later would respond with the call of the Blue Falcon when this reference was made by others such as “Caw Caw! The call of the Blue Falcon!” as he/she swoops in to once again get in trouble with command authority.

Our Award Criteria

Any person whilst gaming, distinguishes himself or herself apart from his or her comrades by gross display of individualism with little or no regard for his or her comrades or the objectives. The act justifying the award must be performed while involved in conflict with an opposing/foreign force and actively work to undermine good order and discipline or sufficiently hinder the performance of fellow unit members as to render them partially or completely combat ineffective.

Examples of Blue Falcon behavior

  • Your carefully plotted and concealed sniper position is suddenly undermined when a teammate spawns on you and begins firing an automatic weapon over your shoulder alerting all enemy troops to your now exposed position.
  • You watch helplessly as a teammate grabs an empty helicopter for themself and pilots it to a remote location and jumps out of it to parachute to the ground for his/her own personal gain.
  • You ride along with the above mentioned pilot expecting to be delivered to a hot but safe LZ near an objective only to look around quizzically at your fellow occupants as the sound of the rotors slows and that alarming tug of gravity pulls at your guts. In desperation you and your fellow teammates attempt to exit the now pilot-less vehicle or take over command to avoid your untimely death.

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Visit the BLUE FALCON Hall of Shame to see other awardees and spread the word. Together we can end stupidity in gaming.

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